Vape Detectors For Schools Cost

Vape detectors for schools cost cost are a crucial tool to help stop the spread of E-cigs and vaping in schools. Detectors can be used in areas where normal security footage cannot reach such as school bathrooms, locker rooms, and dorm rooms in universities. Our FD-VAPE-WALL sensor can detect THC, CBD, BG, CBN, Delta 9, Delta 5, and HHC along with the growing number of illicit active ingredients attached to the smoke particles from new generation vaporizers. It also monitors air humidity and temperature.

Vapor detectors have helped curb the epidemic in some school districts, including Montgomery County Public Schools, which has installed sensors in high school restrooms. Students can be warned that they will be subject to consequences if they are found using electronic devices in the restrooms, and school staff can receive text alerts when odors are detected.

How Does a Vape Detector Actually Work

However, the sensors are not foolproof. Some students are able to avoid detection by spraying aerosols or covering their vapor pens with a cloth. And a loud noise can also trigger an alarm. The sensitivity levels can be adjusted to minimize false alarms.

Some schools are also finding that the sensors are helping curb other problems in bathrooms, such as fighting or vandalism. But they are expensive, with a single unit costing more than $2,000, including the device, ethernet connection and installation.

Families want more than just vaping detection; they want violence detection before it escalates to a dangerous situation. Our HALO Smart Sensor is designed to address these concerns and help families have peace of mind in their children’s safety.

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