Las Vegas Demolition

Las Vegas Demolition is a leading company specializing in demolition, environmental services, and other construction-related needs. Their team of experts brings a wide range of experience, and is dedicated to providing the highest quality service for all of their clients.

Who owns Las Vegas demolition?

Amid the construction boom on the Strip, it’s not uncommon for buildings to be torn down to make way for something new. Some of these projects involve blowing up casinos and hotels. In a town that celebrates the new, it’s fitting that casinos and resorts often go out with a bang.

After a quiet post-recessionary period in which implosions were limited to parking garages, the spectacle of Vegas implosions has started up again. First came the Clarion and Gramercy, now it’s the Riviera, which could be razed this summer.

It’s unclear how the Riviera would be imploded, but if it’s toppled by explosives like its predecessors, onlookers can expect quite a show. During the April 28, 1998, implosion of the former Aladdin Hotel and Casino, Neil Diamond, Phish and Iron Maiden all performed.

The next target on the list might be a cluster of buildings owned by an investment firm that want to build a new retail complex. The site on the south end of the Strip includes the low-slung Cable Center Shops, an adjacent Boulevard food court and an outdoor Fatburger eatery with a slushie bar. Besides the retail, the site also has souvenir shops and an out-of-business motel.

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