Air Conditioning Running Costs Calculator

Air conditioners are one of the biggest electricity users in Australian homes. They use around 50c an hour to run, compared to dishwashers (34c), washing machines (20c) and fridges (6c).

However, air conditioning running costs calculator Australia costs can be significantly reduced by installing a modern inverter system that’s the right size for your home. You can also reduce energy consumption by ensuring your house is properly insulated and setting your thermostat to 24C during the day. And by using zoning, you can save money on cooling only the rooms you’re using.

Regardless of what you do, it’s important to know how much your air conditioning is costing you and the best way to calculate it. This is especially true when you’re considering replacing your current air conditioner or purchasing a new one for your home.

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To get an idea of the power input needed to run a particular model, refer to the air conditioning manufacturer’s brochure and find its ‘Power Input’ or ‘Energy Efficient Ratio’ (EER). You can also use your most recent electricity bill to calculate the average cost per kilowatt-hour in your local area.

As Australia’s climate zones vary, so too does the cost to cool and heat homes, with cooler cities having lower costs than warmer ones. With the summer heatwave in full swing, it’s important to keep cool without blowing your electricity bill. To do so, you should always consider your AC’s energy efficiency rating, zoning capability, insulation and temperature settings.

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