Vancouver Eyelash Extensions


Vancouver Eyelash Extensions are the most effective way to create a gorgeous, fuller look for your eyes. They are individually applied to your natural eyelashes to give you a dramatic yet natural-looking result. They are available in various sizes, lengths and curls to suit all clients needs.

Our lash technician will consult with you to assess face shapes, bone structure and eye types to create a corrective style and framing that enhances your unique beauty. All lash extensions are made from the finest quality synthetic silk to ensure a safe and comfortable application.

We offer a full range of Eyelash Extension services including full and mini sets, fills, tinting, lifting, and extension removal. We are committed to providing the highest quality lashes and services available in Vancouver. We only use high-quality products and are always learning new techniques to bring our clients the best results.


The duration of lash extensions depends on several factors, such as the thickness and style of the lashes; the skill of the technician (particularly in avoiding bonding an extension to a natural lash that is already shed or at its peak growth cycle); and the client’s maintenance routine and lash care. It is recommended that you get a refill every two to four weeks for maximum longevity.

Classic lashes are individual lash extensions that are glued to one natural eyelash with a 1:1 ratio. The lash extensions are lighter in weight and more naturally shaped, so they blend with your own lashes for a beautiful, natural look.

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