Refreshing Menthol Cigarettes


In a world of increasingly diverse tobacco flavor choices, menthol is undoubtedly one of the most alluring. Menthol flavour is naturally cooling and soothing, adding a distinctive sensory experience to a smoke and making it smoother on the throat. This combination makes it particularly appealing to smokers who are either new to smoking or trying to quit – as well as to those who already smoke and want to minimize throat irritation and re-establish the pleasure of their smoking habit.Check It Out

Moreover, menthol is also perceived to be stylish and desirable. Marketing for menthol cigarettes typically emphasizes coolness, refreshment, minty, and crisp – qualities that are associated with a sense of style and youth. As a result, menthol cigarettes have become a socially accepted and fashionable choice for young women in particular.

Embrace Coolness: Dive into the World of Refreshing Menthol Cigarettes

The allure of menthol cigarettes is one reason why the US tobacco control community is so focused on the need to close the cigarette menthol loophole. While research momentum appears to have shifted towards studying flavors in non-cigarette tobacco products, menthol cigarettes remain the most dangerous type of cigarette available and continue to play an important role in the overall smoking epidemic. As a result, the FDA should continue to pursue closing this cigarette loophole and should include menthol in its list of banned additives for both regular and flavored cigarettes.

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