Metal Staircases Add Modern Elegance to Commercial and Residential Spaces

metal staircases

Staircases are a key design element in most buildings and play an important role in the overall design of a space. They provide safe and reliable access to different floors in a facility or even elevated areas like mezzanines. Traditionally, staircases are made from wood, concrete, or metal. With their sleek and customizable designs, metal staircases have become a popular choice in both commercial and residential spaces for their minimalist and contemporary aesthetic. Learn more

Stairs are comprised of two main sections: the tread and riser. The tread is the horizontal portion that people walk on and the riser is the vertical section between each step. The stairs hang from structures known as stringers, which are a critical component of the staircase that holds up both the stairs and railings. Steel staircases are often fabricated with the risers left out, which creates an open stair look.

Maintenance Tips for Long-Lasting Metal Staircases

Panel Built offers both straight metal staircases and a variation called the metal floating stair that assembles quickly and is ideal for projects looking to add modern design flair. Both the straight and floating staircases can be used indoor or outdoor and are fabricated in a variety of materials, such as diamond plate, bar grating, mesh siding, glass siding, and cement-filled pans.

Piddi consulted with the Almag engineering team and explored the structural capabilities of aluminum alloys, including high-strength 6000 series alloy 6005A, to meet the stair’s design parameters, which included a modular construction approach and a visual I-beam style. With this design goal in mind, the engineering team utilized a slip-fit I-beam composite assembly with custom tapped inserts to accommodate various fastening styles.

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