Men’s Beachwear & Sleepwear Trends

Mens Beachwear  Sleepwear

Men’s Beachwear & Sleepwear

From hemlines creeping northwards to bolder colours, the latest men’s swimwear trends are taking beaches and pools worldwide by storm. But whether you’re an aspiring beach boy or just looking to rejig your holiday wardrobe, it pays to start with the basics.

There’s nothing quite like a pair of classic swim shorts to kickstart your summer style. Invest in versatile staples in timeless, solid shades and you’ll be able to dress them up with a light tee or short sleeve button down for a #ThrowbackThursday-worthy beach look that’s as stylish as it is laid-back. Find out

From Sand to Sheets: How to Transition Seamlessly with Men’s Beachwear and Sleepwear

For those who prefer a more rugged approach to beachwear, khaki shorts are a perfect fit. From the tropics to the desert, these shorts will keep you cool and comfortable while adding a touch of adventure to your outfit. The best part? You can feel good about your purchase too – many of the styles are made with recycled plastic bottles and other sustainable materials.

If a solid hue isn’t your thing, there’s plenty of eye-catching patterned options to choose from. From floral prints to moody dark florals, Vilebrequin and Jacquemus are among the brands leading the charge in this trend.

Alternatively, you can opt for the military-inspired style that’s seen a resurgence in recent seasons. This trend is a great choice if you’re battling the “surfer dude” connotations of shorter swimwear, and is also a good alternative to denim if you’d prefer to skip the frayed edges. Look for tailored fits that stay at mid-thigh and add a shirt for a polished look.

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