How to Rent a Portable Bathroom

Miller Portables are useful in many circumstances, such as construction sites, carnivals, community events, weddings, stadiums, parking lots and more. They are easy to transport, require low maintenance and avoid clogging or overflowing. Whether you need to rent a single portable toilet or a whole restroom trailer, there are many options available.

The first step is to decide on a type of portable bathroom rental that fits your needs. There are two main types: standard portable restrooms and luxury restroom trailers. Each option has its own advantages and disadvantages, so choose carefully.

Standard portable toilets are typically used for high-volume events, such as concerts and festivals. They have reinforced walls, a toilet, ventilation, a mirror, a paper towel dispenser and an occupied/vacant sign. They cost about $80 a day to rent. The number of units needed depends on the event layout and audience size, but it is generally recommended to have at least four porta-potties per 100 attendees.

Ensuring Sanitation and Convenience: Portable Bathroom Rentals with Miller Portables

Deluxe portable bathrooms are more luxurious than their standard counterparts. They have flushing toilets and hot and cold running water, which make them more appealing to guests at weddings and movie sets. They also have a translucent roof for added light, generous ventilation, and external occupancy indicators. Additional amenities like handwashing stations and sanitizer stands are often included as well.

Some locations require permits for portable toilet rentals, but the rental company will usually handle this for you as part of your service agreement. The rental company will then bring the unit to your location on top of a truck or by towing it. They will set it up, refill the tank with water and blue dye disinfectant and restock the supplies, such as toilet paper and hand sanitizer. Then they will return at a predetermined date to retrieve the unit and dispose of all waste.

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