Insurance Test For Lifts

Usually, block building insurance policies will cover damage caused by fire or accidental/malicious damage. However, these do not normally include insurance test for lift. Check with your building’s maintenance company and insurance broker to confirm what perils are covered by your policy.

Many insurance companies have a requirement that a qualified lift inspector is to inspect your lifts on an annual basis. We offer professional, unbiased inspections that will help ensure compliance with ANSI ALOIM and keep your vehicle lifts in working order.

Elevator Insurance Test: Ensuring Compliance and Safety

Getting injured on the job while working on an elevator is not a good idea. It could be expensive for the building owner and their insurer. It is also important that you have the correct insurance to protect yourself and your employees in the event of an accident or incident while they are on the job.

The ELC (Elevator Capacity Test) is a progressive isoinertial lift-lower capacity test that uses masked free weights to allow retest confirmation of full effort. It is backed by an ongoing program to develop and provide normative data for men and women of all ages to set treatment goals and identify full effort. The ELC is the only test of its kind with a patent and is used by over 1400 evaluators worldwide. It was developed to address inconsistencies in earlier tests such as the WEST standard evaluation and the PILE progressive isoinertial test, and it addresses several issues of professional standards as well.

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