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the Brooklyner

Materials: birch plywood, recycled leather, painted steel base (3 colorways)
Width: 24 in (60.96 cm)
Depth: 19.5 in (59.53 cm)
Height: 48.25 in (122.5 cm); 29.5″ to desk/bar flap
Work/Play = desk + bar
Play/Play = turntable + bar
Year: 2012
Info: The Brooklyner is currently made-to-order. Contact studio for pricing.[Download Tear Sheet]

The Brooklyner is the latest in an ongoing series of uncommonly versatile furniture from the studio. Designed for those who work as hard as they drink, the Work/Play option offers a desk for daytime world domination; spin the piece around and you’ll find a bar for evening unwinding. Those who prefer not to mix business and pleasure can choose the Play/Play box, which keeps the bar but replaces the desk with a turntable and a shelf for storing LP’s. Subtle details and simple materials –- birch plywood, recycled leather, and a steel base, painted in Le Corbusier colors — ensure that the Brooklyner is a classic piece attuned to modern functionality