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Robusta espresso bar + cafe

Location: New York, New York
Completion date: Fall 2012
Size: 1600 SF

This debut location for a new boutique franchise of espresso bars occupies a ground floor retail space in the Norman Jaffe-designed building at 7 Hanover Square in the Financial District. The site is unique as the rectangular retail space is distinguished by three sides of floor-to-ceiling glass. The location, on a corner under a deep canopy, affords both opportunities, like outdoor space, and challenges, such as forging a connection with passersby. The intention was to create several bold moves which change and unfold in detail as the customer is drawn through the space.

The project won 1st place for Vertical Application in the 2013 Decorative Concrete Council Awards.

Designed in collaboration with Leslie Jill Hanson.

Thanks to Norman Jaffe‘s office for use of their photos.  All other photos by David Engelhardt or TheJenTurner Studio.  Concept images rendered by Picture Plane.