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Rugby Road

Location: Ditmas Park, Brooklyn, New York
Completion date: 2010
Size: 500 SF [Phase 1]

This circa-1901 Victorian house in Ditmas Park was a first home buy for this young Brooklyn couple with two children. While the historical structure offered beautiful details and plenty of spaces to roam about, the floor plan was a relic for this modern family’s lifestyle. First on the to do list was to create a master bathroom and bedroom. The windowed attic was re-imagined as an escape suite for the couple complete with bedroom, full bath, and a workspace with access to the existing roof terrace. The walls and dropped ceilings were gutted to yield the maximum height and light and to feature the original solid wood roof framing. The bedroom was designed as a functional yet inviting U-shaped box of white oak. On one wall the flush millwork would conceal clothes closets from ceiling to floor. The white oak continued with the chevron patterned, extra wide floor boards. The opposite wall of millwork was a composition of headboard, side tables, dresser and open bookshelves. A palette of white materials – stone, tile – was used to calm and unify the various nooks in the existing bathroom space. A stacked brick pattern of chalk white tile lines the wall of the bathroom behind the floating white marble and walnut vanity and continues around the shower walls and bench. The result is a serene, refined series of spaces free of daily clutter and pitter patter.
Drawings and photos to come…