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St. Felix Street

Location: Brooklyn, New York
Completion date: 2007
Size: 300 SF
Photography: Justin Bishop

This young couple’s first apartment was perfect except for the fact that, like most urban spaces, it lacked storage. Being creative types, they needed room for all their interesting things: books, music, the Jonathan Adler pottery collection. When they moved in, their storage options were more or less limited to two token closets in the bedrooms at the rear. The first move was to add a double-sided closet by the entry for coats and kitchen effects. But the primary solution was to rip out the bedroom closets and erect a three-sided structure, whose interior serves as a walk-in closet and whose exterior walls function as continuous shelving. Environmental responsibility was a priority, so the shelves were built of bamboo plywood and the closet doors and fixtures were re-used. The structure’s walls stop short of the ceiling and are topped with translucent panels, creating a lantern-like effect when illuminated from the inside.