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Grand Street

Location: Brooklyn, New York
Completion Date: Fall 2002
Size: 1000 SF
Photography: Paul Whicheloe

With no budget, lots of elbow grease, and an amenable landlord, we transformed a dark, ill-planned one-bedroom in Williamsburg into a bright, two-bedroom loft. The existing walls were demolished and replaced with a single Z-shaped wall that divided the rooms and provided each side with a storage niche. A large floor-to-ceiling translucent panel mounted perpendicular to the ‘Z’ wall separated the spaces from the living room and simultaneously allowed light from the front windows to reach the middle of the apartment. The second bedroom functioned as a workspace and guest room, thanks to a D.I.Y. desk fashioned from a door, hinges, eye-hooks, and wires, which easily collapsed for overnight visitors. The unsightly commercial carpet was removed to reveal raw plywood floors, which were painted with white deck paint. In the kitchen, the linoleum floor was taken out and replaced with natural cork. A bar-height table, consisting of a donated plastic laminate top supported at the wall and with a Speedrail leg, was installed, and the cabinets and walls were painted white. The end result: a clean slate and a fresh start.